• Food4Wealth Guide to Grow Healthy Organic Food in Abundance

    Ever since man took up to farming, there has been a constant yearning to grow more to meet the increased demand. Food4Wealth by Jonathan White is an e-book in an audio form to guide you to grow food through organic farming. Organic farming basically means avoiding chemicals, insecticides and pesticides. According to the author if you follow a systematic natural process, you will require less natural resources and at the same time you can grow many more times. Organic food is healthy and our natural resources are not eroded through eating these foods.

    Food4Wealth is a comprehensive do it yourself manual on organic farming. This manual is based on the practical experience of the author. He set up a garden and followed all the instructions given in the manual. One of the main systems that are claimed by the author is that he decided to combine his farming with ecology instead of horticulture. The gains are that there is no need to dig and you require much less light. Pests are naturally kept away by repelling them. The garden plants will repel them. The garden will not grow any weeds. Organic farming methods are used to grow fruits and vegetables.

    Food4Wealth shows you the way to establish seedlings. You get whatever seeds you want and you can sell seeds to other farmers also. Your own household waste of natural products can be used as a fertilizer. You can grow taller and bigger fruits and vegetables and in larger quantity. You can sell the excess quantity to others. You will have a garden that will regenerate on its own naturally, year after year. This natural method has been in existence for years, even before man started to exploit nature commercially. When this method is followed, the standard method that is followed by farmers looks very complex.

    Food4Wealth manual follows a simple method of communication. It is simple and illustrated by actions. It is an audio manual with illustrations and video tutorials for nearly 60m minutes. You get a step by step project plan and a maintenance list plan with checklists. The method is covered in 80 pages to blend with the ecosystem. The book is now offered at a heavily discounted price so that more people can benefit from it. This audio book is offered with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after 60 days. With more and more people buying it, the next food revolution is round the corner.



    Food4Wealth audio manual is a method of organic farming in a very novel way. The garden will grow all fruits and vegetables in the best way that the ecosystem will allow. It can be termed that by this method it is a partnership with nature.


    Food4Wealth can be said, being an e-book format, old farmers may lose interest to go through it patiently. It can be said that if you can blend with nature through this method, then there is no problem in the opposite direction. It is helping nature to help ourselves.



    Customer reviews

    Having used Food4Wealth .Many farmers and home owners are satisfied with the manual. Here are some of their views

    “I liked the idea of only spending a few HOURS a YEAR tending to the garden. Never heard THAT one before...made me sit bolt upright!. On a low income, and not wanting to be ripped off, I checked your credentials on the web before I paid my money. They stood up, and quite clearly”. ***Simon Larbalestier, USA

    "...I have read a lot of permaculture information in the past that alludes to this kind of gardening, but your ebook is the first time I've come across a very simple way of implementing the concepts..." ***Susan Durrant, Australia.

    “I am nearly brought to tears after reading and watching with a feeling of empowerment. This can be so simple and is so much more meaningful being ecologically balanced. The fact that the garden is low maintenance and requires no chemicals is wonderful." ***Erin Bailey, USA




    Bottom Line:

    Food4Wealth is very simple in audio and video. It is easy to understand and follow. The garden or farm is a very important place for the owner and the manual helps to keep it in harmony with nature.

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